Home Textiles Export Council (HTEC)

An independent entity established by a Ministerial decree under the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Industry in 1997 and has been renewed (law number 287 March)in 2008. It works in a regulatory framework combining representatives of exporters and producers. It is considered to be the sector’s think tank where strategies & plans are being prepared to increase exports of high quality home textile products, and increase sector competitiveness worldwide.


  • Egyptian Home Textiles will be recognized and respected as a high quality and trendy Fashion in the global market.


  • Provide members with programs and services that significantly assist the way they do business including the provision of trade shows, promotional programs, business education workshops, information and representation, increase our market share, open new markets.


  • To provide a range of services which adds value to our members businesses that will assist them to grow and prosper.
  • Capitalize on the reputation of the perceived quality of Egyptian Cotton and work on enhancing it.
  • To provide a range of marketing tools that promotes the councils activities.
  • Recommends and plan participation in international trade shows, selected upon certain criteria.
  • To develop a responsive and innovative framework for the operations of the HTEC for the benefit of members.
  • To develop and communicate policy that supports our Home Textiles among our members and our industry.
  • To build strong relationships with stakeholders that will support our members and industry.